Dear Guests, our restaurant is closed from January til March 2024 – due to general renovation of our interior. We are sorry for your inconvenience and see you in April 2024!


Hana Sushi

Hana Sushi restaurant is located in the heart of Krakow’s Kazimierz. Since 2016, we have been on the list of restaurants recommended by the Michelin Guide for high level of service. Our restaurant offers Japanese cuisine, Korean dishes and the best sushi in Krakow.

for the love of Korean and Japanese cuisine

Our restaurant was established in April 2015. In 2017, we moved to ul. Kupa 12, where we host our customers in a restaurant with 60 seats, which includes a bar and our seasonal terrace inside of the restaurant. Hana Sushi is more than sushi, we also serve Japanese and Korean cuisine. Our offer is directed not only to sushi fans but also to those who appreciate dishes such as ramen, bulgogi, ebi don or Korean jajangmeyon.

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Each dish we prepare is one of a kind. We only use the finest ingredients to give our guests the best possible edition of Korean and Japanese cuisine.

Premium Sushi Box – 349 zł

34 szt / pcs + Soju or Sake

Premium Sushi Box - This premium class sushi set is created by our Head Chef Wojciech. Box also includes a bottle of good sake or Korean soju. The choice is yours! Order now on our website or by phone +48 608 576 255


Hana Sushi Set

29 pcs

Futomaki ebi 6pcs, Futomaki sake 6pcs, Special Uramaki 8pcs, Nigiri 6pcs, Sashimi sake 3pcs


Chef’s Nigiri Omakase Set

10 pcs

Choice of Chef "Omakase" - from Japanese o-makase - to entrust. Literally means ''I'll leave it up to you"


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Dear Guests, our restaurant will be closed from January til March 2024 due to general renovation of our interior. During that time we do not accept any reservations. We are sorry for your inconvenience and see you in April 2024!

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    Brandon: Meet Brandon! Our Head Chef. He flew straight from South Korea. Brandon, actually Dong Gi, studied in the United States where he ran his small local business. As a young Korean, he had many dreams. He loves to travel and is still hungry for new experiences and challenges. Brandon’s culinary history began in the United States, where he got his first job as a kitchen assistant in a small family restaurant run by native Japanese. He always fondly remembers those times when he learned his first culinary skills under the guidance of the Japanese. This is how his adventure with sushi and traditional Japanese cuisine began. After several years of work, he decided to venture into a more modern area, trying to adapt to the environment in which he lived. “Americans love fusion sushi,” he says. So he decided to experience what is behind the curtain of this fame. To his surprise, he very quickly adapted to the culture of “fusion sushi”. He saw the more colorful side of this style, which gave him a greater opportunity to create new flavors. Over the next few years, he developed his knowledge by cooperating with renowned restaurants in the States. Then Europe tempted him professionally. He got an offer he couldn’t refuse, where he built, from scratch one of the well-known places on the gastronomic map in Krakow. He has trained many sushi masters – a good sushi master – in Poland. Our Sous Chef Wojtek took his first steps under the watchful eye of Brandon! A few years passed and changes were inevitable. Fate brought Brandon back to his homeland, leaving everything to marry his current wife. For the past 8 years, Brandon has lived a very quiet married life in South Korea, running his modest restaurant where he only served 10 to 15 items. His little restaurant was packed daily with people who came to taste his weekly new menu. As we all know, the pandemic thwarted many people’s plans, but we decided not to give up and we invited Brandon to cooperate. To lead our culinary team! We are very happy that we could be a part of restoring his old memories from Poland. You do not know how happy he is that he has come back to us. Soon we will be implementing new products from Brandon! Stay with us:)


    Brandon (Dong Gi)

    Chef Coach


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    Head Chef


    Head Chef